DMD 0930

Devine Meditech distance vision testing instrument to test vision in which individuals are seated facing the drum (Direct Option) or facing the mirror (Indirect Option) . Moreover, the interior surface of the drum is normally striped; thus, as the drum rotates, the subject's eyes are subject to a moving visual field while the subject remains stationary.
Distance Vision Testing Drum: Remote Controlled Motorized Movement of Screen


•   Frontal, on-surface display
•   Special image-based display for patients who cannot read
•   Easy-to-use, hand-held controls
•   Compact, lightweight design
•   Color deficiency test


Language English
Size 15.5 x 13 x 45 inches
Frequency 50 Hz
Material Iron
Usage/Application Hospital/Clinics
Voltage 220 V

DMD 0940

LCD Auto Chart System (with wireless handset) Digital or computerised eye charts are becoming standard in the examination of visual acuity. Each instrument allows the selection of different optotypes, presentation modalities, and crowding Devine Meditech LCD Auto Chart is an equipment test vision in which individuals are seated facing the wall of the drum.

Product Description

Digital Vision Chart helps in vision testing. It is easy to use, operated by a handy remote control with dedicated keys for each chart.


•   Compact and light weight
•   Multiple Regional languages
•   Exclusive Image gallery for various eye diseases
•   Reverse mode available for all charts
•   Compensation for red green filter
•   Suitable for all refraction rooms
•   Easy Wall mounting
•   Cordless remote work from any direction
•   Chart offered : C/E Chart, Dot Chart ,Snellen , Ishihara Chart, Astigmatic fan ,Log mar Chart, Spot Light, Duochrome test light


Color Black
Material LED
Display Size 18.5 inches
Gross Weight 4 Kgs Approx

DMD 0945

Automated Chart Projector with IR Controller, Screen and Wall Mount Uses of Automated Chart Projector
It can produce more precise measurement results in shorter time by remote controller and fast toggling icon, applying red/green & polarized icon test sheet, binocular eyesight and binocular balance.

Auto chart projector

•   LED light source, lower heat and longer life
•   Advanced electrical control system, charts switching does not flicker
•   Noiseless motor, charts switch mute and without vibration
•   Excellent red and green balance function
•   Using dial wheel to focus, convenient and fast
•   220-230 voltage power supply


Projection distancel 1.5~7 meter
Projection magnification 30 x (at 5m)
Projection size 330 X 270mm (at 5m)
Chart switching speed 0.01~0.02S
Mask number 1 Open, 5 Horizontal Lines, 8 Vertical Lines, 21 Single Letters, 1 Red/Green
Mask switching speed One mask per 0.01~0.02S
Program 2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps
Lamp 12V, 50W Halogen Lamp (LED Optional )
Power saving function Will automatically stand by in 10 min
Power source AC 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 80 W
Dimensions 320mm x 218mm x 240mm
Net weight 7.5kg
Standard accessories Remote Control, Polarized Metal Screen, Halogen Lamp, Polarized Glasses, Fuses (2), Batteries (2)
Optional accessories Floor Stand, Wall Stand

DMD 0960

Sight Tester/ Phoropter

Uses of Phoropter

AA phoropter is an instrument comprised of cylinders, prisms, and lenses that measures the eye’s refractive error to help determine and eye prescription. Phoroptors can also be used to measure the eye’s natural resting position, near-distance focal ability, binocular vision and eye movements.


•   Lens switching with high speed and low noise
•   Operation interface with easy-to-operate layout
•   Two-in-one operation mode of tablet and keyboard
•   App supports the use of Android tablets and iPad
•   Equipped with split prism
•   Bluetooth wireless connection with tablets and other devices


Measurement Range Sphere -29.00D~+26.75D(standard mode) -19.00D~+16.75D(cross cylinder or prism check) Increments: 0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D
Cylinder ±8.75D, 0.25D/1.00D increments
Axis 0-180° (increments 1°/5°/15°)
PD Far vision 48-80mm; near vision 48-76mm, increments 0.5/1.00mm; near vision work distance; 35-70mm
Rotating Prism 0~20△ Increments: 0.1Δ/0.5Δ/1Δ/2Δ
Jackson cross cylinder ±0.25D, 0/-0.5mD
Double cross cylinder ±0.25D
Compensation retinoscopy +1.5D(at 67cm diatance), +2.00D(at 50cm distance)
Auxiliary lens Pinhole plate Φ2mm
Maddox rod Right eye : red/horizontal
Left eye : red/vertical
Red/green filter Right eye : red;
left eye : green
Linear polarizing filter Right eye : 135°/45°
Left eye : 45°/135°
Circular polarizing filter Left eye/Right eye
Fixed split prism Right eye : 3Δ BU, 6Δ BU
Left eye : 3Δ BD, 10Δ BI
PD lens Binocular (cross)
Fixed cross cylinder lens ±0.5D(axis fixed at 90°)
Product size Phoropter Head 376mmx297mmx95mm,3.8kg
Control panel 203mmx210mmx145mm
Power supply 220v/50Hz, 90VA