Iris Claw Lens

The UV absorbing Iris Claw Intraocular Lens (IOL) manufactured by Devine Meditech is an Ophthalmic implant for the replacement of the human crystalline lens for the visual correction of the aphakia in the patient.

The Iris Claw IOL is a single piece IOL comprising of two parts - the central clear optic (which acts as visual zone) and the peripheral haptic (which helps in lens anchorage). The 2 oval haptics that are split in the middle to form a pincer/claw-like mechanism, which the surgeon uses to fixate the lens to the iris tissue.

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Model DMC 310
IOL Design One Piece
Optic Shape biconvex
Optic Diameter 5.50mm
Overall length 8.50mm
Dialing Hole No
A Constant 115
Diopter range 1D to 30D, 0.5 increments