PVA and Cellulose ophthalmic sponge products are designed to staunch blood loss and absorb fluids from and around the eye during ophthalmic procedures . A PVA sponge is particularly preferred in the LASIK laser surgery due to a very soft cell structure when wet.

Soft Soak – PVA Sponge Spears
  • •PVA sponge spears
  • •100% fibre and particle free
  • •Disposable
  • •Sterile

High Soak – Cellulose Sponge Spears
  • •High soaking capacity cellulose sponge spears mounted on plastic handles.
  • •Used to wipe blood and soak fluids.
  • •Fast wicking, micropoint absorbent.
  • •Extremely strong, will not tear or shred.
  • •Disposable
  • •Pack of 2 or 5 spears (sterile).


DMC 4455 Absorbent Sponge Spears (pack of 100) (Inner sterile pack of 5)
DMC 4460 PVA Sponge for LASIK: Sterile Pack of 5 Pcs (unit of 100 Packs)