Slit Lamp

The slit lamp is a stereoscopic biomicroscope that emits a focused beam of light with variable height, width, and angle. This unique instrument permits three-dimensional visualization and measurement of the fine anatomy of the anterior segment of the eye


•   Multi coated optical lenses
•  Binoculars provide best image of Anterior chamber depth perception
•  LED bulb provide long life of Illumination with Adjustable light intensity
•  Galilean unparalleled Optical
•  Drum rotation convenient to shift


Model DME 1250 DME 1220
Type Galilean magnification, 13 degree binocular tube with converging optics
Magnification Style Revolving Drum
Magnification Ratio 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X 1X, 1.6X
Stereo Angle 13 Degree
Eyepiece 12.5X 10X and 15X
PD Adjustment 55mm~78.5mm 52mm to 90mm
Diopter Adjustment -6D~+6D
Illumination Unit
Slit Width Continuous from 0mm to 14mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) 0mm to 12mm
Slit Height Continuous from 1mm to 14mm (at 14mm, slit becomes a circle) 1mm to 12mm
Slit Angle 0 to 180 degree with horizontal scanning capability
Aperture Diameters 14mm, 10mm, 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.2mm
Filter Heat-absorbing, UV, Cobalt Blue, Red Free Cobalt Blue, Green and Yellow filter, Two open apertures
Slit Inclination 5 Degree, 10 Degree, 15 Degree, 20 Degree
Illumination bulb LED
Longitudinal 90mm
Lateral Movement 100mm
Fine Base Movement 15mm
Vertical Movement 30mm
Vertical Movement 80mm
Fixation bulb Green LED
Power Supply 100-120V, 220-240V AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Fixation bulb Green LED
Power Consumption 30VA

DME 1411: Slit Lamp with Digital Imaging System

Devine Meditech offer Digital imaging System offer complete solution for slitlamp with digital imaging system. It include Slit Lamp Digital Camera , Image Analysis Software and PC Optional


High Resolution

•   5 Megapixels high definition image resolution produced by the 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor. Imaging pixel array of 2,592 x 1,944.

Enhanced Auto Exposure

•   Target area size for auto exposure can be changed easily via moving the mouse lightly.

Plug and Play USB

•   For Data transmission easily via plug and play USB. Neither extra hardware nor complicated computer configuration is required.

Powerful Image Processing

•   PNG, JPG formats are available. All the images in BMP format can be edited for brightness, contrast, sharpness, zoom, etc.

•   Practical Software Management
•   Simple design and intuitive interface allows easy operation.
•   Professional patient information database supports centralized management.

DME 0445: Applanation Tonometer

Applanation tonometer is an equipment measures Intraocular pressure in human eye. The test involves using a slit lamp equipped with forehead and chin supports and a tiny, flat-tipped cone that gently comes into contact with the cornea. The test measures the amount of force needed to temporarily flatten a part of human cornea.


Measuring range from 0 to 80 mmHg in 2 mmHg increments
Accuracy ± 0,5 mmHg
Diameter of the pneumatic face 3,06 mm
Area of applanation 7.354 mm2
Probe line separation 430

DME 1115: Portable Slit Lamp

The Slit lamp is an lightweight, single hand operated slit lamp. Ideal for paediatrics, Ward patient, Mobile clinic and Hospital.


•    One-touch magnification switch is easy for doctors' inspection.
•   Illumination angle max. up to be 60 degree, can get better slit view for cornea etc.
•   Both AA rechargeable and dry cell batteries are supported, and convenient to purchase everywhere. Batteries will provide more than 4 hours operating time after full charged.
•    Warm LED illumination with 3500k color temperature and long-time working time,creates a perfect observation circumstance and helps doctors relieve the visual fatigue at the same time.


Model DME 1115
Microscope Type Binocular Portable Slit Lamp
Angle of convergence 13°
Eyepiece 10X, 16X
Work distance 80mm(16X),100mm(10X)
Pupil distance 49~75mm
Diopter adjustment range ±7D
Slit Width 0.1mm,0.2mm,0.8mm& Ф1mm,Ф5mm,Ф12mm circle
Slit length 12mm(with width 0.1mm, 0.8mm), 8mm(with width 0.2mm)
Slit Angle ±60°
Filters Neutral Density, Red-free, Cobalt Blue
Light Resource Warm LED, Color Temperature 3500k
Illumination Control Continuously Variable from Low to Full Brightness( ≥250 000 lux)
LED Working Voltage AA, 15VA
Battery Type AA Dry Cell / Rechargeable Batteries
Continuous Operating Time ≥4 hours
Dimensions 320x310x205 mm
Net Weight 835g Approx.
Standard Accessories Carrying Case, Battery Charger,Forehead Support, Instrument Manual