Ophthalmic Cannulas/ Needles/ Cystotomes

Ophthalmic Cannulas/ Needles/ Cystotomes are micro-tubes ending in tips which have a plethora of shapes and sizes. They are intended to inject fluids into, or withdraw fluids from, the body and assist surgeons to perform certain tasks in a variety of ophthalmic surgical procedures, such as cataract, refractive, vitreoretinal and glaucoma operations. They are based on a hub which can be attached on top of a sharp pointed instrument in order to be inserted through precise incisions into cavities of the eye or of the surrounding area.


A blunt needle used for irrigating or aspirating during ophthalmic surgery. Cystotome: A needle that has been physically bent to conform with the convexity of the crystalline lens to access the cataract.


Simcoe I/A Cannula with Silicon Tubing

DMS 3020D: Direct, silver plated
DMS 3021D: Reverse, silver plated


Kelman Irritating Cystotome

DMS 3045D: Straight


Rycroft A.C. Air InyIrr Cannula

DMS 3060D: Angled, set of 4 diff. gauge


Lacrimal Cannula

DMS 3050D: Straight


A.C. Maintainer

DMS 3070D: silicon tube, cannula with Atkinson point


Simcoe Irrigating Lens Nucleus Loop

DMS 3092D: Set of R/L