Precise measurements of the corneal radius of curvature and accurate measurements of the radius of curvature of contact lens.

Technical Specifications:-

Type Bausch and Lomb
Measuring System External reading
Ocular 15x Wide angle piece
Measuring range Radius of curvature: 9.4 ~ 6.4mm(in 0.05 mm steps) Diopter: 36~ 52D (in 0.25D steps) Astigmatic axis: 0°180° (in 5° steps)
Focusing distance 76mm
Illumination LED
Dimensions 16"(H) x 7"(W) x 19"(L)

Handheld Auto-Keratometer

  • Measuring range: 6.5mm~9.5mm
  • Precision: ±0.05mm
  • Resolution of curvature radius of cornea: 0.01 mm
  • Measurement deviation of the main meridian axial position: ± 2°
  • singel measuring time: 0.03s g.
  • Output: wireless infrared thermal printer

  • Can observe the eye directly through the screen.

  • Weight: <0.5Kg(with batteries)

  • Static Water Contact angle on the Surface is >90°

  • Dimension: 240mmx90mmx60mm

  • Power: 500mW+15%