Synoptophore Ophthalmic Equipments

In the field of ophthalmology, a synoptophore is specialized medical equipment used for the the treatment of various eye related problems, especially those pertaining to binocular vision and misalignment. This equipment assists in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting both eyes, including amblyopia and strabismus.

It is a piece of eye equipment that trains the ocular muscles to project visual stimuli onto each eye independently, enabling a thorough evaluation of binocular vision. The synoptophore also proves valuable in assessing and treating other binocular vision anomalies, such as convergence and divergence insufficiency or excess. These conditions involve difficulties in focusing the eyes at near or far distances, respectively. The device allows for targeted evaluation and therapy to enhance the patient's ability to adjust their eye alignment and coordination based on the visual demands of different tasks.

Here are some key features of a synoptophore-

• The main purpose of synoptophore is to measure how well both eyes work together. It also helps in identifying any awry or imbalance in the eye muscles, which can lead to double vision or other visual disturbances.

• Synoptophores are commonly used in the diagnosis of strabismus, a condition where the eyes are not properly arranged. By assessing the deviation and direction of the misalignment, ophthalmologists can determine the appropriate treatment plan.

• Orthoptic exercises involve controlled eye movements and visual tasks performed using the synoptophore. These exercises aim to improve coordination between the eyes and enhance your binocular vision.

• The device is valuable in assessing and managing double vision, by determining the extent of misalignment and guiding treatment strategies to alleviate the issue.

• After diagnosing a condition, the synoptophore is also used to monitor progress during the course of treatment. This allows for adjustments to be made as necessary to achieve optimal results.

This device allows for the assessment of angle alpha, objective angle, aberrant retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria, and horizontal vertical vergences, among other conventional measurements and treatments.

• User friendly interface
• Accurate results
• Elevated durability
• Optimum performance


A synoptophore is a versatile tool in the hands of eye care professionals, aiding in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of various binocular vision disorders. It is essential for enhancing visual comfort and quality of vision in people who have problems with eye muscle alignment and coordination. Moreover, its role in vision therapy and its contributions to research and education highlight its significance in advancing our understanding of the complex visual system. As technology continues to evolve, the synoptophore remains a cornerstone in the comprehensive care of patients with binocular vision disorders, providing eye care professionals with a powerful tool to enhance both diagnosis and treatment outcomes.