Slit Lamp

Slit Lamp Ophthalmology

The slit lamp is a stereoscopic bio microscope that produces a focused light beam with adjustable height, width, and angle. This special tool allows the fine anatomy of the anterior segment of the eye to be measured and visualized in three dimensions.

It is specially used to examine the structures of the eye. Our ‘Slit Lamp’ has important features like optical lenses, led bulbs, drum rotation. Here are some of them-

  • • Multi coated optical lenses

  • • Binoculars provide best image of Anterior chamber depth perception

  • • LED bulb provide long life of Illumination with Adjustable light intensity

  • • Galilean unparalleled Optical

  • • Drum rotation convenient to shift

It has illuminating unit specifications in which slit width continuous from 0mm to 14mm and slit height continuous from 1mm to 14mm. It has also Galilean magnification with 13 degree angle, binocular tube with converging optics.

Slit Lamp with Digital Imaging System

Slit Lamp Ophthalmology

The Devine Meditech deals with Digital imaging systems that provide a comprehensive solution for slit lamp applications. It included slit-lamp digital camera, image analysis software, and optional PC.

Its features are as follows-

• High Resolution

The 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor produces high-quality pictures with a resolution of 5 Megapixels with an imaging of 2,592 x 1,944 pixel arrays.

• Enhanced Auto Exposure

For auto exposure, the target area size can be changed easily via moving the mouse lightly.

• Plug and Play USB

For simple plug-and-play, USB data transfer. It is not necessary to use complex computer configurations or additional hardware.

•Powerful Image Processing

For all images PNG, JPG formats are available. In BMP, format can be edited for brightness, contrast, sharpness, zoom, etc. It has Practical Software Management with simple design and intuitive interface that allows doing easy operation. We have also professional patient information database supports centralized management.

• Portable Slit lamp

Slit Lamp Ophthalmology

It is an easy-to-carry and one-handed slit lamp. It is perfect for ward patients, paediatric patients, mobile clinics, and hospitals.

Features of portable slit lamp

  • o It has a one-touch magnification switch that makes it easy for doctors to do inspections.

  • o It also has a maximum illumination angle of up to 60 degrees that gives better slit view for the cornea, etc.

  • o It supports both AA rechargeable and dry cell batteries. You can easily purchase it anywhere. After being fully charged, these batteries will provide more than 4 hours of operating time.

  • o It has a long working life and a 3500k colour temperature that creates a perfect observation environment with the warm LED illumination. It also helps doctors relieve visual fatigue.

  • o It comes with standard accessories that include carrying case, battery charger, forehead support, and instrument manual.

What is another name for a slit lamp?

A slit lamp combines a microscope with a very bright light, which is also known as “Bio microscopy”.

What does a slit lamp do?

It is specially used to examine the structures of the eye that include cornea, iris and retina.


The slit lamp is very important tool in ophthalmology for examine the eye is details that include cornea, iris and retina. It is a stereoscopic bio microscope that produces a focused light beam with adjustable height, width, and angle. With its versatility and importance in eye health, the slit lamp remains an indispensable instrument for eye care professionals, contributing significantly to the maintenance of ocular health and the preservation of vision.