Preloaded Intraocular Lens

Preloaded Intraocular Lens manufacturers

Preloaded IOL injectors are a noteworthy development in cataract surgery. The method has many advantages for the cataract surgeon and team even if not all lenses can be utilized with a preloaded IOL injector.

Preloaded IOL not Includes a Manual Loading

Preloaded IOL devices, as their name suggests, do not require an IOL to be individually placed into a lens inserter before putting the lens into the capsular bag. Rather, the manufacturer preloads the IOL into a delivery cartridge. At Devine Meditech, we are one of the best Preloaded Intraocular lens manufacturers in India.

The operator removes any lens stops or locking mechanisms before handing the lens and delivering the device to the surgeon to inject the IOL into the eye. The specialist then injects the cartridge with the proper device or adjusted salt solution.

The absence of human interference, which helps to guarantee that the IOL enters the cellular bag sans any faults, is a key benefit of preloaded IOL injectors. There is no need for the surgeon, scrub tech, or nurse to make contact with the lens before insertion, therefore there is no chance of harm to the optics or haptics. The IOL then comes into contact with the capsular bag having been sterilized and despatched from the manufacturing facility.

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are long-term, artificial lenses that may recover both near and far vision by swapping out the eye's native lens. IOLs are most frequently used in cataract procedures to substitute the damaged lens. In Devine Meditech, we are the best Preloaded IOL suppliers. Our preloaded intraocular is more successful in use.

Features of the Preloaded Intraocular Lens:

  • ● The IOL material has excellent ultraviolet (UV) absorption and biological compatibility

  • ● Regarding the IOL material's refraction index, the optics are modified

  • ● The distinctive design creates an IOL with a small profile and high haptic steadiness

  • ● The spheric and aspheric optics are carved and resurfaced using highly accurate equipment and tools made of natural diamonds

  • ● The IOL features excellent diopter accuracy and great resolution

  • ● IOL enhances image quality

  • ● Consistency in delivery is made possible by the innovative and effortless IOL positioning method in the cartridge and the speedy and seamless infusion of the lens

  • ● Seamless and regular events are taking place

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