Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL

Preloaded Hydrophobic IOL

Preloaded hydrophobic IOL (intraocular lens) implantation systems have an exciting future, as all IOL implantation surgeries are gradually moving towards to be performed with preloaded IOL methods due to their ease of use and reduced postsurgical problems, resulting in a superior outcome. Overall, surgical time will be saved, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of eye procedures.

Preloaded hydrophobic IOL injectors are a significant advancement in cataract surgery. Even though not all lenses can be used with a preloaded hydrophobic IOL injector, the approach provides numerous benefits for the cataract surgeon and team. As the name implies, Preloaded hydrophobic IOL devices, don’t need the surgeon/ surgery assistant to insert the IOL into an injector at the time of surgery lens rather, the manufacturer inserts the IOL into the shipping cartridge, which is attached to the injector. Devine Meditech is one of India's leading makers of Preloaded intraocular lenses.

Understanding preloaded hydrophobic IOL

The operator eliminates any lens stops or locking devices before handing over the Preloaded lens to the surgeon, who will inject the IOL into the eye. The surgeon then introduces the cartridge attached to the injector into the capsular bag, after making appropriate incision and using appropriate irrigating solution. The absence of human involvement, which helps to ensure that the IOL reaches the cellular bag without flaws, is a significant advantage of preloaded IOL injectors. The surgeon, cleaning tech, or nurse does not need to make touch with the lens before insertion, so there is no risk of visual or haptic damage. The IOL then gets in touch with the capsular bag that has been sterilized and shipped from the production plant.

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are most commonly utilized in cataract surgeries to replace damaged lenses. At Devine Meditech, we are the top pre-loaded hydrophobic IOL providers. Our preloaded intraocular is more effective in use.

Characteristics of the preloaded hydrophobic IOL

• One-step, ready-to-insert implant package

• Optimized design for a small incision size

• The optics get adjusted about the refraction index of the IOL hydrophobic material

• Preloaded hydrophobic IOL material offers high UV absorption and biological friendliness

• The unique and simple IOL positioning procedure in the cartridge, along with the lens's quick and flawless infusion, allow for consistent administration

• The optimized design results in an IOL with a compact profile and strong haptic stability

• No risk of damage to IOL optic or haptics

• Hydrophobic IOL improves the visual quality

• Smooth folding and unfolding of the IOL

• The IOL has high dioptre precision and great clarity

The benefits of a good preloaded IOL injection system are several. First, the delivery system enables consistent, predictable, and controlled insertion with minimal incision size. Second, it eliminates the need for the postoperative cleaning and sterilization associated with reusable systems. Third, it saves time in the operating room, and, fourth, it eliminates handling and misloading of the IOL that can occur with a manual tucking mechanism.

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