Iris-claw Intraocular Lens

Iris-claw Intraocular Lens

The Devine Meditech-produced UV-absorbing Iris Claw iol is an ophthalmic implantation used to substitute the patient's a phakic crystalline lens and improve their vision. The Iris Claw IOL is a single-piece IOL that consists of two parts: the outer haptic aids with lens anchoring and the core of the transparent optic serves as the viewing zone.

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Outcomes of the Iris claw intraocular-lens

In circumstances when a suitable posterior capsular support is absent, the study shows the outcomes of placing the anterior chamber of the iris-claw lens suppliers is the best. The research project comprised a large number of patients who underwent complex cataract surgery with posterior capsule injury.

The secondary implantation in aphakia during penetrating keratoplasty, and additional implantation follow the pars plana vitrectomy with luxated IOL removal.

How the Iris Claw IOL Is Good For Cataract Surgery

Aphakia and damage to the lens capsule most often occur as a complication after cataract surgery, but the intraocular lens is good for the vitreous chamber in cataract surgery. About 1-3% of cataract treatments are affected by the issue, with mature traumatic, subluxation, and pseudo exfoliation cataracts being the most common types.

Anterior chamber lens linked to the drainage angle, obsession with or without covering the Intraocular lens or behind iris lenses, and the use of a black piston intraocular lens in instances of posterior capsule injury.

Iris claw lens implantation is a poly methyl methacrylate that is non-collapsible and has an optical component with a diameter of 5.4 mm and a sensory part with a diameter of 8.5 mm.

The traversal angle and the corneal endothelium are safe places for the lens haptics to be linked to the iris. Such a design lowers the likelihood of endothelial cell destruction and the onset of recurrent glaucoma compared to anterior chamber lenses. In comparison to connecting the lens to the sclera, it also streamlines and reduces the process.

Specification of Iris Claw Intraocular Lens

Model DMC 310 DMC 320
IOL Design One Piece One Piece
Optic Shape biconvex biconvex
Optic Diameter 5.50mm 4.2mm
Overall length 8.50mm 7.2mm
Dialing Hole No No
A Constant 115 115
Diopter range 1D to 30D, 0.5 increments 1D to 30D, 0.5 increments