Digital Acuity Chart

Digital Acuity Chart

Digital or computerised eye charts are becoming standard in the examination of visual acuity. Each instrument allows the selection of different optotypes, presentation modalities, and crowding.

Using a Devine Meditech distance vision testing device, people can test their vision while seated either directly facing the chat (direct option) or indirectly facing the mirror (indirect option). It has frontal, on-surface display, special image-based display for patients who cannot read, easy-to-use, hand-held controls, compact, lightweight design, and colour deficiency test.

LCD Auto Chart System

Wireless handset is included in LCD Auto Chart System. The examination of visual acuity nowadays increasingly uses digital or computerized eye charts. The various optotypes, presentation modalities, and crowding options are selectable for each instrument. A digital vision chart is useful for vision tests. With keys specifically designated for each chart, the convenient remote control makes it simple to use.


• Compact and light weight
• Multiple Regional languages
• Exclusive Image gallery for various eye diseases
• Reverse mode available for all charts
• Compensation for red green filter
• Suitable for all refraction rooms
• Easy Wall mounting
• Cordless remote work from any direction
• Chart offered: C/E Chart, Dot Chart, Snellen, Ishihara Chart, Astigmatic fan, Log mar Chart, Spot Light, Duochrome test light