Simultaneous perception, fusion, stereopsis, vergence, retinal correspondence, monocular position, single eye fixation examination, removal of suppression, strengthened fusion, eyeball exercise and correction of retina.


Pupil Adjusting Distance      :     Hemispherical projection perimeter
Chinrest Height      :    90 degrees (temporal) / 70 degrees (superior/inferior)(from eyepiece tube)
Slides      :     300 mm (spherical radius)
Automatic Flashing Device      :     31.5 asb
Manual Flashing Device      :     1000asb
Stepless Diaphragm      :     Variable in 4 steps at 0.0315, 0.10, 0.315 and 1.00
Haidinger’s brushes’ device      :     1/16, 1/4, 1, 4, 16 and 64 mm2
Target Illuminating Lamp     :     0 to 2,000 asb
After Image Lamp      :     6V, 4.35A (stimulus)
Power      :    100VA
Power Consumption See below
Fuse      :    41 kg (main unit only)
Weight      :    41 kg (main unit only)
Half Mirror Heads      :    41 kg (main unit only)

Slides Complete 13 Sets

Simultaneous perception Red Bind 3 Sets
R1  Car  5.5°V 8.5°H R2  Garage 11°V13°H
R3  Butterfly  4°V 6°H R4  Net     7°Ø
R5  X  1°S R6  Square   1°S
Fusion White Bind 4 Sets
W1.2 Rabbit  11°S
W3.4 Elephant  6°S
W5.6 Bear   7°S
W7.8 Bubble Car  4°V 8°H
Stereopsis Yellow Bind 3 Sets
Y1.2 Wicket, Ball 10°V 3°H
Y3.4 Seal, Balanced Balls 6°V 5°H
Y5.6 Airplane and Four Parachutes 17°V 15°H
Maddox Green Bind 2 Sets
G1 Red Circle 3.5°Ø G2 Green Square 6.5°S
G3 γ Angle G4 Arrow
Special Blue Bind 1 Set
B1  B2 
After Image (Vertical Lines) After Image (Horizontal Lines)