The management of "DEVINE MEDITECH PVT LTD, E 41/5 OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA PHASE II, NEW DELHI 110020" affirms that it is the policy of the company to manufacture and sale medical devices (Intra Ocular Lens) conforming to the relevant product standard specifications adopted by the company. "It is the policy of the company to achieve domestic and internationally praiseworthy standardised quality with the help of the most appropriate dedicated production team in a harmonious industrial atmosphere as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, MDD 93/42/EEC, Medical Device Rule 2017 (India) and any other applicable regulation and then offer it for the benefit of the patient and doctor at a price any other local manufacturer will find it difficult to meet, for similar performance specification .

It is the policy of the company to keep on striving for continual improvement in Quality Management System effectiveness over and above the minimum stipulations laid down by the relevant product standard specifications adopted by the company.
It is the policy of the company that in case of a customer complaint or defects being reported, all endeavors would be made by the Top Management to promptly attend to the complaint and compensate the loss of the customer by arranging free replacement of the rejected goods or by some mutually satisfactory agreement."


Devine Meditech Pvt. Ltd. believes that leading environmental, health and safety performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers and employees as well as the environment. The safety of our workforce and the protection of our environment are of primary importance to our company. To protect our employees, the environment and our property, we are committed to: Providing a safe and healthy working environment as a prerequisite to our operations. Continuous improvement in minimizing our environmental impacts. Preventing pollution and limiting depletion of natural resources and the on-going reduction of risks at our operating sites.

Devine Meditech Pvt. Ltd. will comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, directives, regulations and other requirements as a baseline for doing business, not as a goal. We believe compliance is owned by all employees and will monitor such compliance through regular self assessments and audits of our operations take corrective actions as warranted and include compliance sustainability as a routine part of operations.

We will periodically identify those aspects of our operations on a local level which have the most significant environmental, health and safety impact, and establish objectives and targets for continuous Improvement in these areas. In particular, we will work to advance the following aspects within our operations: • Considering sustainability in the development and adoption of site operations and practices • Minimizing the generation of solid and hazardous waste, and recycling wastes where feasible • Optimizing energy and resource use with a goal of reducing green house gas emissions.