Phaco Emulsification system

Phaco Machine is a microprocessor-controlled ophthalmological system for the anterior and posterior eye segment. What is so special? With the phaco technique used, the emitted ultrasound energy is significantly reduced compared to the traditional pulse mode. It can therefore be used for the latest surgical techniques such as CMP and MICS.

All features at a glance
Peristaltic Pumps
Precise vacuum control in all areas
Ideally suited for high-vacuum phaco ("magnetic" fragment aspiration)
Realistic Venturi effect with adjustable vacuum rise time

Real-time VAC Sensor
Real-time vacuum sensor and airless aspiration line for maximum anterior chamber stability

Megatron Footswitch
Dual-linear control
Flexible and individual programming
Almost all functions can be controlled via the footswitch

Ultrasound Handpieces
Constant power over the whole lifetime of the handpiece
Innovative and ergonomic handpiece for high efficiency and long lifetime
Suitable for phaco and endo-phaco

Mega Ultrasound Tips
Unique patented design
Multiple emulsification in phaco tip
Significant reduction in phaco power and surgery time
Optimized geometry ensures excellent fluidics

Extensive range of irrigation and aspiration handpieces
Optimized accessories for coaxial and biaxial phaco techniques
Improved anterior chamber stability

Light port for connection of all current fiber optics
Halogen lighting with redundant lamp management


The objective of modern technology should be to adapt to human needs and fulfill individual requirements. The new vitrectomy system brings this philosophy to life with its intelligent technology concept and numerous innovative features. The vitrectomy system ensures maximum flexibility enabling surgeons to exercise their perfect surgical virtuosity in a very personal way.

Small Incision Surgery

Optimized complete system for MICS and CMP
Device parameters perfectly tailored to micro-phaco accessories --Patented high-performance accessories for biaxial and coaxial micro-phaco
Freely programmable footswitch with hot-switch function
Nearly limitless assignment of the 10 functions
Immediate switching between the device modes with the hot-switch function without releasing the footswitch
Linear, fixed and exponential control via bidirectional footswitch

User-interface design

Flexible customization of settings to suit individual needs
Individual programming of the single surgical steps with comfort set-value entry
Up to 20 surgeons with up to 20 surgeries with 20 specific surgical steps storable

LAN remote diagnosis

Best technical support
Quick and efficient remote diagnosis
Easy connection with a standard LAN port

Mega Tip

Highly efficient thanks to its unique and patented design
Emulsification inside the needle and not just at the tip
Perfect ultrasound efficiency: significant reduction in phaco power and time
Improved irrigation/aspiration balance
CMP line for perfect ultrasound switching with varying incision sizes