Operating Microscope

3 step magnification DMF 2610

Portable, three-step magnifications
Spring balance system in the arm ensures the microscope move freely. All of the lens are multi-coated, mildew proof and anti-reflection For optional objectives and other parts applicable to ENT, DENTISTRY, LAB and SURGERY please refer to the followings details.

The whole microscope is smart, portable, specially suitable for mobile hospital.

Eyepiece Magnification      :      12.5x
Objective      :      200mm
Working Distance      :      190mm
Magnification for Main Microscope      :      5.3x, 8x, 12x
Diameter of Field      :     38mm, 25mm, 17mm
Adjustable Dioptor     :      5D
Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance      :     50mm-70mm
Illumination Source      :     12V/100W Cold Halogen Lamp
Illumination Type     :      Coaxial Illumination
Coaxial Illumination     :      80000 Lux
Reaching Range of Arm     :      870mm
Adjustable Vertical Range      :     700mm-1100mm
Fine Focusing Range      :      30mm
Voltage      :      AC220V/ 50Hz
Power      :     120VA
Safety Electrical Standard      :      Conform to Standard IEC 601 -1.
Whole Packing Volume      :     Class1 Type B, 0.2m
Carton Number      :     1
Total Weight      :      41Kg

Stereo Zoom DMF 2540 (Stereo Zoom Head & Fibre Optic

Main Microscope      :     Binoculars Optical Head
Eye Pieces      :     10x
Inclination to vertical      :     45°
Interpupillary distance     :      Adjustable from 52mm ~ 75mm
Zooming range      :     0.8~3.5x
Working distance      :     181mm
Field of view     :      52.5mm ~ 12mm Ø
Arms      :     Counterbalanced Spring Arms
Horizontal length of arms     :      850mm
Vertical height adjustment      :     Maximum 1465mm Minimum 905mm
Total magnification     :      4~17.5x Continuous without steps
Rotation of arms     :      320° with Lock
Dimensions of base      :     Length 520mm, Breadth 520mm, Four castors wheels for easy handling, ensures absolute stability
Fine focusing     :      Motorized foot control
Coaxial illumination     :      Cold Light 15V and 150W
Light source     :      Halogen Lamp twin bulb, Fibre light guide system
Power Supply     :      AC 220-240 Volts/110 (on Request)
Weight      :     55Kgs


DMF 2842 Operating Microscope (posterior segment) is an operation microscope with dual scopes of binocular sharing the same visual field. The main and assistant scope can be placed at 90°or 180°. It has got cold light source, retina protection device, strengthening red light reflection device and slit lamp. Its splitter system can be equipped with teaching, photograph and video and the adjustment of microscope is realized by foot switch.

"Five-step magnifications for main microscope, threestep magnifications for assistant microscope. "Lens made of imported glass from Germany can reduce the optical aberration. " All of the lens are multi-coated, mildew proof and anti-reflection "Equipped with three Objectives and being applicable to Ophthalmology, Orthopedic surgery and ENT. " Oblique illumination can be used for slitting and slitting width is adjustable. "X/Y movement can be automatically centered. "Inner Beam Splitter is mounted and can be connected to other outer displays.