Double Frequency Green Laser

The 532nm Green Laser Photocoagulator built on the existing platform. The 532nm Green Laser introduces new advancements in Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser cavity, and digitally controlled instant duty cycle electronics and software that permit the laser to be used at high power settings for extended periods of time. The 532nm Green Laser has been especially designed for high activity use of the system, providing superior and reliable performance with ease of use, complemented by a large and flexible range of delivery choices, system configuration options and, still the unbeatable

  • Undistorted view having no safety filters in front of the objective lens.
  • 50 - 1000μm Continualy Variable Spot Size.
  • True Parfocal Beam Delivery for exceptional energy distribution.
  • Long working distance between slit lamp and patients eye.
  • Superior conveniently located Micromanipulator.


Laser System      :    DPSS True CW
Safety Classification      :     Class 4
Wavelength      :     532nm
Power Output      :     50mW - 2.0W & 50mW to 4.0W (ENT Optional)
Max Power at Cornea      :     2.0W (Enso, LIO & SLA @ all spot sizes)
Pulse Duration      :     0.01 - 3.0s
Pulse Interval      :     0.01 - 3.0 & Continuous
Cooling      :     Auto Fan & TECs for Laser & Crystal
Treatment Spot Size      :     50 - 500µm Continuously Variable or Stepped , 50 - 1000µm Continuously Variable (Integrated Version)
Aiming Beam      :    Laser diode 653nm, red 0.1 - < mW
Safety Classification      :    Class 2
Dimensions      :     79cm x 56cm x 36cm (LxWxH) , 31" x 22" x 14" (LxWxH)
Weight      :     22Kg / 48 lb (system)
Power Requirements      :     100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Auto ranging

Detachable Touch Screen Interface

The 532 features a large 7″ color LCD touch panel, featuring user-friendly in-built PC with programmable and intuitive menu settings in all room conditions.

The windows embedded platform was designed to be customizable for future input of data and progressive product upgrades.

The conveniently detachable control panel enhances working space and offers easy access to all laser controls.

Wireless Foot Pedal with Power Control Function

The 532 includes an optional wireless foot pedal enhancing convenience of positioning.
This foot pedal also allows for adjustment of treatment power settings by foot using the side switches.
The ergonomic design allows for a hands-free operation and an uninterrupted procedure for increased visual focus

  • Excellent, uniform power density distribution over the treatment spot.
  • Wireless Design reduces cable clutter.
  • • Ultra long-life battery assuring minimum 7 year operating time (also provided with standard cable in case of battery failure).

Extensive Range of Delivery Devices

The 532 comes with an extensive range of laser delivery devices assuring maximum utility of economics, space, and clinical needs. Auto-Key for automatic recognition of safety filters and delivery devices assures simple and safe selection of treatment modes.

Slit Lamp Delivery Adapters (SLA)

  • Designed to fit Zeiss and Haag-Streit and types of slit lamps.
  • Delivery Attachments for combination use with any brand YAG & SLT lasers.
  • True Parfocal 50-50oµm continuously variable spot size producing excellent and uniform power density distribution over the treatment area.
  • Optional micromanipulator option for enhanced spot position controls, enabling quick and easy treatment in painting mode.
  • Superior Optics and safety filter allows enhanced and undistorted view of the retina.

Keeler Integrated Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)
  • Unique controls of aperture and spot size.
  • Comfortable light weight design.
  • Superior optics and integrated safety filter for enhanced viewing.

Full range of Endo-ocular Laser probes
  • Wide variety of exclusive and affordable probes for vast majority of vitreo-retinal needs.
  • Available in 20G, 23G and 25G models:Straight Probes.
  • Angled Probes.
  • Aspirating Probes.
  • Illuminating Probes