Artificial Eyes and Implants

Material These are made of denture material, which is completely harmless and easily accommodates to the chemical environment of the eye.
Type Thick eyes for completely enucleated eye as well as thin eyes where enucleation is not possible and fitted over existing damaged/sinking eyes.
Size For adult and child sizes ranging from 14 mm to 24 mm available in Right and Left
Color of Iris Available in all colors of Brown, Blue, Green, Red and Black to suit and match the natural coloration of all types of eye in different communities.
Set Each set comprises of 100 Artificial eyes of varying size (child to adult) in equal proportions of Left and Right and including Thick and Thin eyes so that NO TWO EYES ARE SAME which allows maximum usage of eyes in any
Artificial Eyes
DMC 325BR (Set of 100 pieces): Brown Iris
DMC 325BL (Set of 100 pieces): Blue Iris
DMC 325GR (Set of 100 pieces): Green Iris
DMC 325RE (Set of 100 pieces): Red Iris
DMC 325BA (Set of 100 pieces): Black Iris

Spherical Implants

These implants are available in Assorted set of 100 pcs of 4 different sizes

DMC 330

Their main application lies in:

In enucleated socket, when positioned within tenons capsule, the prosthesis mobility is greatly enhanced in movements of version

Due to spherical shape, the pressure necrosis to surrounding structures is prevented and thus viability of orbital tissue is retained for a longer time.


These implants are available in Assorted set of 100 pcs of 4 different sizes

DMC 327

Their main application lies in:

Due to adaptation of conformers to the conjunctival fornices in an enucleated eye, it provides support/strength to the conjunctival sac, and thus, it is used in chemotic prolapsing conjunctiva

Used to prevent formation of cul-de-sac following chemical traumatic avulsion of the conjunctiva

They are used after insert of certain implant with a pressure dressing to lessen edema



Castroveijo Implants

These implants are available in Assorted set of 100 pcs of 4 different sizes

DMC 328

Their main application lies in:

Due to attachment to the recti muscles of the eye, it creates a self adjustable system, and thus requires little help from ocularist

Due to the same reason, it provides better motility to the prosthesis and provides support to artificial eye so that they look less sunken

It prevents bony deformity of the enulcleated orbital wall and thus maintains shape of the socket

Due to slightly irregular shape, and muscle attachments, less slippage of artificial eye/prosthesis over the implant.

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