The innovative and versatile autoclave which combines compact and elegant design with high performance is reliable and safe

  • New patented unique swing door designation, easy for door open/close and safety.

  • Auto-chamber water level check, when you START the program.

  • Pressure door auto-lock device. The door can't be opened, when chamber pressure is over 0.2kg/cm²

  • Pressure door auto-lock device. The door can't be opened, when chamber pressure is over 0.2 kg/cm²

  • Cycle complete indication: The "COMPLETE" indicator will light-on, if full cycle is in a correct condition.

  • Ergonomic design and user friendly operation.

  • Outer body and carry tray are made up of stainless steel.

  • Low water alarm and indication: If water isn't enough in the chamber, the "LOW WATER" indicator will immediately light on, and alarm you.

  • Pre-heating program: Pre-heating by dry heater not only keeps the chamber temperature homogenized, but also offers the good drying result.

  • Independent temperature protection switch offers double safety system. LIQUID sterilization program: It is a special program designed for laboratories.

  • Pressure control switch, over heat protection, Safety Valve, Electronic circuit safety system,
    Emergency exhaust switch.

Chamber Size Ø3OO X 7lOmm (D) Ø3OO X 7lOmm (D)
Chamber capacity 50 liter 50 Liter
Pre Vacuum function Yes -
Sterilization Control By Temperature By Pressure
Fill Water system Auto Fill water system Auto-FiII water system
Dry Function Auto dry function Auto dry function
Water consumptionper cycle 1000 - 12OOcc 1000 - 12OOcc
Temperature display Digital Display Gauge
Pressure display Pressure gauge Ø11/2" (Ø4Omm) Pressure gauge Ø11/2" (Ø4Omm)
Program (function) display LED display LED display
Indication Door closed, Low water, Over heat display Door closed, Low water, Over 
heat display
Program for selection 121°C/13Cwrapped/ unwrapped, dry/ 
undry, Liquid special program/PRlON
 sterilization program/ Bowie 
Dick test program/Vacuum pump
 test program
121°C/135°C wrapped/unwrapped, 
dry/undry, Liquid 
special program selection
Sterilizer temp. 121°C/135°C 121°C/135°C
Special function for selection Liquid sterilization prog/PRlON 
sterilization prog/Bowie   
Dick test prog & vacuum Pump test prog.
Liquid sterilization program
AutoDry function Dry time 0,15,30,35,40, minutes for selection 30 minutes by installed program
Vacuum Dry function Yes -
Pressure safety valve Set-up 2.6 kg/cm² Set-up 2.6 kg/cm²
Over temperature protection Temp. Protected by program. 
And independent temp. 
protection device
Temp. Protected by program. 
And independent temp.
protection device
Electric overload protection Yes Yes
Over pressure protection Pressure protection switch and safety valve Safety valve
Door lock indicator  Micro-switch as to door lock sensor Micro-switch as to door lock sensor
Chamber water level sensor Yes Yes
Pressure door autolock Yes Yes
Safety Approval CEO434 CEO434
Safety Device Yes Yes



High pressure electrically heated vertical steam sterilizer used for sterilizing of surgical instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, plastic material, injection liquids by means of steamunder pressure of 15 to 20 psi. (Adjustable).


Triple chamber with inner chamber and steam jacket made of thick stainless steel. Jacket is insulated by high grade glass wool to minimize the temperature loss. All sterilizers are hydraulically tested up to 2.5 times of working pressure. Outer chamber made of thick stainless steel sheet. Lid is made of thick stainless steel plate single piece and closed by Radial Locking/Wing nuts arrangement. Joint less neoprene gasket does not allow any leakage. Fitted with double safety valve, water level indicator, water inlet and drain valves. Supplied complete with cord and plug but without dressing bins. Suitable to work on 220 volts, 1 Ph 50 Hz, Ac supply.

Standard Controls:
Double safety radial locking arrangement.
Steam release valve.
Spring loaded safety valve
Water inlet valves
Water level indicating gauge glass
Pressure gauge
Foot paddle lifting device

Optional Accessories:
Automatic low water level cutoff device
Pressure control switch
Automatic Temperature and Time controller with digital alarm
system & thermograph

Model No. Size Capacity Load
DMO 4050 16” x 24", Electric (400mm x 600mm) 84 liters 4Kw
DMO 4060 12” x 20” , Electric (300mm x 500mm) 37 liters 2Kw