Innovative and versatile autoclave which combines compact and elegant design with high performance, reliability and safety.
  • Emergency Vacuum / Pressure Release Key when pressed up to 3 seconds will stop the running program and exhaust the chamber pressure or release the chamber vacuum at the same time.
  • Auto check for each working step condition.
  • Low water alarm and indication if the water isn't enough.
  • Auto Pressure door lock device and door close indication.
  • LCD display for time, pressure, warning and faulted working.
  • Pressure ranges from 15 psi at 121° C to 30 psi at 134° C.
  • Micro bacterial filter for atmospheric air entry.
  • 4 cycles for easy operations:
    - Unwrapped Loads (2 cycles): 134° C- 4 min. and 121° C-20 min.
    - Wrapped Loads (2 Cycles): 134° C- 12 min. and 121° C-30 min.
  • Dual protection for chamber pressure by pressure switch and steam pressure safety valve.
  • "COMPLETE" indicator light turns on after completion of full cycle.
  • Microprocessor control for all the function and monitoring provides automatic functioning from pre
    vacuum to dry vacuum.
  • Pre heating by dry heater, which not only keeps the chamber temperature in balance but also offers the perfect dry function.
  • Temperature control in sterilization cycle and temperature protection to each heater by separate devices.
  • RE-DRY: Stand alone program which can be used separate from the standard sterilization programs.
    The unique dry performance keeps the system in good condition and prolongs their lives

Optional Accessories:

  • Sterilization Pouches
  • Thermal / Chemical / Biological Indicators
  • Separator / tray for sterilization
Auto-Fill water System Yes Yes
Auto Dry function Yes, 0, 15, 30, 35, 40 Min. Yes
Door close indication All functions stopped All functions stopped &
Pressure Safety Yes Door light lamp turns on
Over Temperature Protection Yes Yes
Electric Overload Protection 10 Amp. No Fuse Breaker. x 2 Nos. Yes
Water Tank & Chamber Water
 Level Sensor
Yes 12 Amp. No Fuse 
Breaker. x 2 Nos.
Pressure/Vacuum Gauge Display Yes Yes
Temperature Display Digital Yes
Sterilization Temperature 121°C / 135°C -
Built in programs 24 121°C / 135°C
Special Programs for RE-DRY, PRION Sterilization,
BOWIE-DICK Test & Pump Test
Chamber design ASME Standard RE-DRY
Pressure Door Auto-Lock Yes ASME Standard
Pre & Dry Vacuum Yes Yes
Error Indication Yes -
Water Tank Capacity 4200cc -
Chamber Capacity 24 Liter 4200cc
Chamber Size §260 x 450mm (D) 24 Liter
Dimensions 655mm(D)x533mm(W)x442mm(H)
2800W/ 13Amp., Heater 1800W
§260 x 450mm (D)
Power Consumption Dry Heater 870W Vacuum 
Pump 100W
2670W/9 Amp.
Power Supply 230V 50/60 Hz 230V 50/60 Hz
Net Weight 52 Kg 51 Kg